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organize this fishing trip. now late this afternoon she says the office of jerry called her and told her a frawp of local congressional leaders have begun pushing the state department to come up with the funding to conduct a dive for
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that sunken fishing vessel. if that doesn't happen the family members say they are prepared to hold fundraisers to raise the money the estimated 300,000 dollars that it will take to do that private dive. they say that they have to know l what happened to their the loved ones. i'm reporting live in berkeley abc 7 news. >> anyone can understand that. thanks very much allen. >> abc news has learned that san mateo county district attorney will not file charges against the bay area college student arrested after revving to pull you up his pachbilitys remember. that he will make that announcement officially tomorrow morning. supporters of 20-year-old the young man rallied at city hall today. they want the san francisco board of supervisors to approve a resolution calling on the faa to investigate this incident. the university of new mexico football player was removed from a flight at sfo last month and arrested. cal state university system has approved a plan to raise tuition by another 12 percent
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this fall. offset larger than expected state budget cuts. the hike raises annual tuition by 5 88 dollars to nearly 5500 dollars a year. increase comes on top the of 10% increase keep in mind for the 23 campus system trustee approved just last november. university administrators say the hike is necessary because the new state budget reduces funding by 650 million dollars. the students say it will make paying for school that much more of a struggle. >> the reason i decided to good to state school i couldn't afford uc. >> makes you wonder undergraduate level if it's worth it to get a degree. get that far in debt. >>reporter: the trustee also approve a huge salary increase for the new president of san diego state. students there say it's just plain wrong. allison has that part of the
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story. him if all right our apology we can't find that piece of tape but basically the new president is paid 400,000 dollars a year which is 100,000 dollars more than his predecessor and they are upset given the tight budget economy and what is happening with tuition about that salary increase jachlt well east bay hospital is on the verbal of having to shut its doors once again. doctors no, sir san pablo serves quarter million people in west contra costa county but can't stay open without state support. those funds are now going away. story tonight from abc 7 laura anthony. >> series health set back alicia visits doctor hospital office for her it's a good thing the is just 4 block from his her home. >> really hard for me because i live by myself. many and if this is not close enough, it will tall lots of trouble.
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>>reporter: now after pulling itself out of bankruptcy three years ago doctors is in danger of cholesteroling again. that's after state lawmakers pull the plug on 12 million dollars for year in supplemental funding for doctors. >> this is a change that has happened unexpectedly and happened quickly. it is really what has driven the financial crisis that we are experiencing right now. >>reporter: according to the a county study the emergency room at doctors serves about 40,000 patient visits per year. average wait 30 minutes. hospital closes the closest emergency room is kaiser permanente in richmond. wait there up to 12 hours. >> if you have an emergency it will be tough him if for the patient to be going to high land the next place and high land is tlibing miles away. >>reporter: doctors can't survive without the state funding because 80 percent of its patients are either on medi-cal or medicare. 10% have private insurance and the rest can't pay at all. >> we are meeting with the state later this week to
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explore continuation of state funding and continue our discussion with other area hospitals and we are optimistic that we can continue to get support. >>reporter: now not everyone thinks the hospital should stay open if it can't pay for itself. i spoke with the spokesperson for the contra costa county taxpayer association and she told me even though the hospital obviously brings value to the local community if not economically feasible then maybe it should be replaced with perhaps an urgent care facility in this area and the more seriously ill transferred to the county hospital martinez which by the way is more than 17 miles away. in san pablo, abc 7 news. in just a few minutes the concord city council is going to discuss and decide whether city should enact a day time curfew for students. many teenagers skip school and hang out in this park in downtown concord pro-posed occur if you for school day calls for firstpe
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ranging from 100 to 500 dollars and the parents would be fined if they knowingly let their kids cut class. >> this is not funds that will create any windfall to the city or pay for any programs. we are trying to instill a message into the parents and students that the law says you are to be in school and that is importan important. we want to you get a good education. >> curfew has exceptions for emergencies. teenagers going to work or running airnth for their parents. marin county jury found the son of an adult entertainment pioneer guilty of first agree murder in the killing of his former girlfriend. james mitchell faces potential life sentence. prosecutors claim that he stalked danielle before beating her to death with softball bat 2 years ago. witnesses say mitchell first attack her while she was holding their one-year-old daughter. the father founded san francisco mitchell brother o'farrell theatre with his brother art in 1969. if jim
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mitchell served 3 years in prison for shaingt art to death in 1991. he died in 2007. l new policy tonight about people and protest at bart. demonstrators disrupted the xhawt last nature to draw attention to the death of man last weekend at the civic center station in san francisc francisco. shot by bart police no. arrest but tonight a change. the agency says that next time there will be zero tolerance for those who disrupt the commute. mean time today the case sparked heat the exchange between protestors and the bart board. if cecelia has that story. tishltion yesterday protestors brought san francisco evening dmut a standstill by rushing bart stations even climbing on a train. today they focus their anger at bart top brass and had one specific question. >> why do you needle your own l police department. >>reporter: it was the first bart board police committee
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meeting sains bart officer shot a man at civic center station last we can and even some bart board members seem to have similar concerns. >> if we can't turn this police force around, if we can't become the police force that we need to be then we need to look at the alternative again. look at them seriously. >>reporter: bart police chief gave update on the july 3rd shooting that left 45-year-old charles hill dead. police say he was drunk and armed with two knives. officers fired within 1 minute of arriving on the platform. but the update failed to offer any new facts. what happened during that one minute remains a mystery. and protestors remain angry. >> if how far was mr. hill from the officer when he was shot? l. >> we are not releasing that information. >> what kind of dmivs mr. hill carry. >> we are not releasing any information because again san francisco is the lead investigative agency and they are still interviewing witnesses. >>reporter: bart says as many as 40 people may have witnessed the shooting but so far very
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few of them to publicly tell their side of the story. this man charles hill did not have to die. he could have been tackled. he could have been treat entered a very different way. >> the notion that bart police department, police officers are overly aggressive, again l, is wrong. >>reporter: bart promises will release video surveillance of the incident. this is abc 7 news. tl more to bring you tonight at 9:00. before j.c. dugard there was calloway attacked in reno. she a front row seat to what she calls the failure of the parole system. coming up. she tells her stor story. how garrido kidnapped tortured raped her and how she then sent him to proychbility i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center. second half of july may bring typical july weather. details in the of july may bring typical july weather. details in the accu-weather forecast coming >> also tonight. bill clinton shows it can pay to leave your job. plus the house call l at
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the san francisco zoo. news at 9
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10 pieces of the world's best chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day. today tastes so good. >> there are new details being made public tonight about philip garrido. man who kidnapped j.c. dugard and held her captive for nearly 2 decades. prosecutors in el dorado county revealed evidence that details 4 other victims including 2 that we did not know about until now. they also released new video showing how garrido prowled for little girls. >> anybody can see me. >> no. nobody see you. >> i see him. pishltion yes. that was philip and nancy somewhating video from inside a car an yes that was him dispointed in the fact that some of the children were wearing long pants. video shot
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some time between 1989 and 19 naechlt you can clearly see how he videotaped almost every single child within view. there are at least 3 video like this. as for prior victims one state senator is looking into that. >> how a parolee can manipulate a parole officer potentially so we want to take a look at that. want to take a look at how a home should be inspected. not just the interior of the home but the back yard. entire premises. those are 2 areas that would i like to focus on. >>reporter: the da released this map that shows 4 victims prior to j.c. dugard. 14-year-old girl from antioch. she was raped in 1972 but was afraid to take the stand understandably. now in the bottom left-hand corner calloway case raped in 1976. victim attempted to rape just an hour before katie the one just below that on the screen here. 19-year-old girl who was
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kidnapped handcuffed and raped. 4 victims. 2 we didn't foe about until today. now as for one of those victims, katie calloway her testimony put philip in prison for 11 years before he attacked j.c. dugar dugard. calloway blames the parole system and tells l christina mendosa that philip garrido easily manipulated those supposed to be watching him. >> how many others. >>reporter: she fights off the dark memory successfully most days. brutal night of rape and tr tour tough to overcome. but she came face-to-face with her attacker again when he tracked her down in tahoe at casino where she was working. >> he walked up to my table. if and he said hello katie. >>reporter: it had been 11 years and she saw him convicted. notification that he was out. notification that she was supposed to get had never come. >> well it was if quick second by sec as i stood there with him and as he talked to me in
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the voice and the hands and everything about him. >>reporter: she says she later found out that philip garrido was in an half way house in oakland. on the very first weekend pass to visit his wife and mother. instead of driving to antioch, he drove to tahoe to find katie. he ordered a drink and she present 10 ed she didn't know him. >> then he looked at me and he said i haven't had a cocktail in 11 years katie. at that point i just wanted to scream. >>reporter: he slipped out a side door before she could alert security. but she did some hunting of her own. found his parole officer. made an appointment to see him. and l pray. >> i couldn't believe they were saying yes we know he will do it again. he's a sick puppy is their exact words but we don't think he will come after you so i walked out of the federal parole office in oakland thinking oh, my god i'm scared to death. now who do i tell? i can't go to the police. who do i tell? what do i do? so what i did is i went home and i quit my yb and i moved.
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>>reporter: she moved to patterson. became a real estate agent. and soon getting phone calls at the photographs someone she believes to be nancy garrido. >> if i wasn't there she would ask probing questions trying to get information about three years after i moved to patterson. about 1991 these phone calls just kind of suddenly dropped. stopped. now looking back in hindsight that's when he got j scchl. >> hard to describe. >>reporter: she didn't hear of him again until the news conference detailing j.c. discovery. >> i heard philip and nancy garrido and i turned and i was in shock. like i said it kind of washed over me my god. if he's the person who kidnapped me. look what he did. i knew i knew i knew i knew i knew he would do this to someone some day. and it's, i can only describe the feeling as dismiss ago fatal accident. you pull over and you just start shakin shaking. >>reporter: through the trial katie and her husband were fixtures in the courtroom. she even prepared a victim impact statement which the judge did
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not allow her to read. >> i stand here in front of you representing every girl you have ever assaulted. because i have actually met other women that he has assaulted. that didn't go through with pressing the charges. >>reporter: although the sentencing was a relief, katie says her therapy is ongoing. >> it has been a very dark place to live. the place that i had gotten past many years ago and put away in the back of my mind. i hope j.c. and i will meet. i think she's a terrifically strong person. >>reporter: christina pl reporting. katie says there are many disturbing details from the first visit with garrido paroleçó officer. last friday a judge released revideo that you showed parole agent did not properly monitor garrido during the time he held j.c. captive. all right let's move on to other matters now. spencer is hear as always with the forecast. unusually cool still and sounds like it will stick around. >> at least through the end of the week. over the weekend we
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start to see graduate changes by next week it will feel like real july weather. this is real july weather not the july weather we expect. >> real but weird. >> sort of like someone we know. here's a live view from our high definition roof top camera hear l. coyote tower near san francisco. you can see by the reflection of light off the moisture in the air that we do have moisture in the air. we have low clouds around the bay area. as much as we had last night and these are our current temperature readings. pleasantly cool. 56 grease in san francisco. 58 across the bay oakland. 67 in antioch. no extremes tonight. on we go to winds which have been quite strong throughout the evening. some location have seen the winds diminish a bit but we have gust up to 35 miles per hour at fairfield. that's pretty impressive. 24 miles per hour in oakland. 20 miles per hour gust at sfo. calm half moon bay. highlights l low clouds will prevail again tonight overnight. see occasional drizzle mainly along the coast and right around the bay and cool afternoon continue
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through the remainder of this week. overnight tonight with the cloud spreading inland. we could see coastal drizzle. maybe if you spots around the bay. low pressure overnight mainly in the low to middle 50's. pretty narrow range of low. now the satellite image. water vapor image showing the jet stream continuing to dig deeply to the south. trough continues to reinforce our cool weather pattern and that will continue right on through the end of the week. start to again see some moderation of that trend over the weekend. starting forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning extensive low clouds and push inland overnight. burn back to the coast line by mid afternoo afternoon. see high pressure once again only in the 50's on the coast. upper 50's most part. 60's right around the bay and low to mid 70's inland in the mildest inland location we are not expecting any 80's tomorrow. south bay skies sunny by mid afternoon. high pressure 70 at san jose. 69 at santa clara a.68 cupertino. peninsula 65 at san mateo o. 66 menlo park. 68 mountain view. 67 at pacifica. 59 at
9:22 pm
half man bay so see how much cooler it will be on the coast. 60 degrees downtown san francisco tomorrow. 57 in the sun set district. up in the north bay high up to 79 in clover dale. 75 at calistoga. sonoma 73. 70 at novato. 59 nearest bay high in the 60's, 61 at berkeley. 64 hayward. 65 at york. 67 castro valley. inland east bay upper 60's at danville. dublin. pleasanton. low 70's and monterey bay high of 60 right around the bay and mid 70's inland. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. next two days will remain well below average in terms of high pressure mid 70's inland. mid 60's around the bay. start to warm-up a tad on saturday. sunday finally low 80's inland by monday upper 80's inland. low 90's inland on tuesday that's more typical july weather and perhaps well get a string of days like that next week. >> thanks very much. >> out of money. weighs
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continue a popular summertime camp abruptly cancelled in the south bay leaving family short changed and with few options. l fichlt just nell love then i changed and with few options. l fichlt just nell love then i fell in love again >> plus polygamist family in reality tv launches a legal battle. they say they should be able to live their lives according to their beliefs. stay with us. more to ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that.
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>> one of the biggest restaurant chains is adding healthier option to the menu. i hop. chili and burger king include more new trish us have had choice on the children men menu. healthy edition is announced tomorrow and added to the menu of 15,000 restaurant location around the nation.
9:26 pm
the chain say they will still offer things like burger surprise of course but will promote healthier foods. >> polygamist family that you may have seen on reality tv is heading to federal court. husband and his 4 wives will file a lawsuit asking the court to reconsider marriage for all of us in 2011. here's dan harris. >> she's a sister from the same mister and he's a brother from another mother. >>reporter: you may not approve of the live brown lives with his 4 wives and 16 children on tlc sister wives but they say they have every right to the live it. >> there will be inevitably some people who see our lives and say this is just plain wrong. >> we aren't saying this is for everybody. we would never say that. >>reporter: now they are rae nouned constitutional attorney not polygamist is steadfast federal court to decriminalize the practice. his argument the browns are consenting adults living out their faith and they are not hurting anybody. right
9:27 pm
now we live in a bizarre situation where everyone frees that you can have multiple lovers. you can have children by those lovers. you can even have adultry lovers and you are protected as citizen of the united states. but the minute you tell them privately that you view them as spiritual spouse, state comes in and prosecutes you. >>reporter: the law banning polygamy dates all the way back to supreme court decision in 1879. the court said it may be a religious practice but it doesn't deserve constitutional protection any more than human sacrifice which they consider to be comparable. but this is the same court that banned enter racial marriage. so should polygamy be reconsidered too. >> if you have a case where you have all consenting adults and nobody is being hurt what's wrong with that. >> i don't care what the people are telling you. there's not sage polygamist family out there that the women are truly happy in. >>reporter: critic say plenty of evidence that polygamy fosters abuse. remember the allegations of children forced to marry older men in that
9:28 pm
mormon splinter group. brown attorney says there is no abuse in this family and he challenges everyone to join the argument who is really being hurt here? dan harris abc news new york. when we continues tonight. new development from pg&e on the san bruno pipeline explosion. no longer are they blaming the people who lost their homes. >> retire could learn real fast why they need to pay attention to debt limit talk going on in washington. >> and harry potter conclusion of the ultimate battle of good versus evil. another half hour of news begins here in just a versus evil. another half hour of news begins here in just a moment sawz.
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>> pg&e is back peddling from the lawsuit explosion and fire. utility is being blasted for even suggesting that it wasn't entirely to blame for what happened. heather reports on what victims feel is adding insult to injury. >> the definite stated neighborhood is showing signs of recovery. but victims trust in pg&e has just suffered a set back after the filing of legal document last week in which pg&e seemed to leave open the possibility of blaming everyone else except itself. including the victims. >> pg&e strategy to piss off everybody in northern california to reduce the jury pool to just people who live in caves i think they have done a really good job. >>reporter: lat today pg&e issued release saying it filed an amendment to the earlier july 5th document that explicitly states that none of the plaintiffs or residents of san bruno are at fault. abc 7
9:32 pm
legal analyst dean johnson says the pg&e lawyers were just doing their job. raising defense that is might come up later. and he says if the document tone seems different than the apologetic tone we have heard before he says it's because that is another department's job. >> the legal department is doing what it needs to do to protect pg&e legal rights down the road. the public relations department is expressing the feelings of pg&e which are we are really sorry. >>reporter: attorney michael represents 40 san bruno clients. >> you can talk about p.r. talk about legal. but what it is pg&e right now they have had a year to figure it out. to stand up. what are you saying? officially on the record no weasle word. what they are saying it's not our fault. >> i think it is shameless they would even make this type of filing. i think it is outrageous they would do this but just another example of what pg&e has been doing the past year. they say one thing and then l they follow it one something different. >>reporter: ntsb final report on the probable cause is due
9:33 pm
before the 1 year anniversary in september. that report is not allowsed as evidence in the victim lawsuit. this is 7 new news. family trying to get the money back tonight after a san jose non-profit abruptly cancelled summer camp with children with diabetes. camp run by the diabetes society was set to be held here at the ymca camp in boulder creek. parents paid 750 dollars in advance and now a lawyer is trying to get theirçó money back. former employee say they will work to resume the camps possibly partnering with other groups. >> this is an amazing community of kid and amazing community of parents and amazing community of medical professionals that serve them and to be a part of that, you know, you really see how important it is. there are things worth fighting for and thinks one of them. >> the diabetes society says donation helped pay for the camp cost and the donation dried up forcing non-froth shut down completely. at least for
9:34 pm
the time being. >> partisan warfare over the looming debt ceiling crisis is escalating in washington. today gop leaders again refuse to consider any tax hike and president obama warns that without a deal he can not guarantee that older americans will continue receiving social security checks next month. >> i can not guarantee that those check goods out on august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. because there may simply not be the money in the coffer to do it. >>reporter: obama administration and many economist warned of economic catastrophe if the united states does not raise the debt ceiling. that's the amount the government is legally allowed to borrow. public opinion swinging in the president favor but the clock is running out and as mark matthews explains it appears there its even less time than originally thought. >> economist tell us congress must raise the nation debt limit before the country runs out of money on august the 2nd. or all sorts of bad things
9:35 pm
could happen. >> financial market would rollover. something we would all feel in our retirement account. college savings account. >> today senate republican mcconnell came up with a plan that would allow the debt limit to be raised. >> i would add vo indicate we pass legislation giving the president the authority, the authority to request of us an increase in the debt ceiling that would take us past the end of his term. >>reporter: the plan calls for congress to pass a bill giving the president the authority to ask for 2 and a half trillion dollars in debt limit increases between now and 2013. l l congress would then pass a bill difficulties approving of the increase. president veto the bill allowing the extension and even mcconnell admits it's complicated. >> this is again not my first choice. >>reporter: and not the first choice of republicans who say the idea was dead on arrival. meanwhile house democrat are digging in. >> we must protect medicare and
9:36 pm
social security. we will not support cuts. >>reporter: the president is calling on both sides to compromise. >> i think the american people want to see something done. they feel a sense of urge sen situation. >>reporter: this afternoon response were his split in san mateo o. half the people say more concerned about raising the debt limit lead to more government spending. >> raising the debt limit is more dangerous where does it end? >>reporter: nationwide poll show 48 percent of the country felt the same way last may. only 35 percent about saying not raising the at the time ceiling was a bigger concern. this past week those numbers shifted. from 35 percent up to 42 percent saying l not raising the limit would be worse. >> much more concerned about not raising it. yes. catastrophe. >> among independent voters increase was dramatic. 34 percent to 45 percent saying failing to raise the limit is much more of a concern. >> you can see from the graph
9:37 pm
the president is winning the argument but will it make a difference in time? today credit rating agency suggested they may downgrade the u.s. credit standing if something substantive isn't coming out of congress and soon before the august 2nd deadline. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. and now to the man who used to be president. seems bill clinton made more than 75 million dollars on the speaking circuit since leaving office according to new cnn analysis of federal financial records. they show that 2010 was the most lucrative year yet for the former president. he earned 1 10.7 million dollars for 52 paid speaking engagement. 1 per week average. those include speeches in canada, mexico, india, philippines, south africa, russia and united arab emirate. >> the extraordinary bravery of an army ranger. >> i have to say this could not be happening to a nicer guy. >> up next. president and
9:38 pm
sergeant peter and recognition of soldier sacrifice.i'll be sergeant peter and recognition of soldier sacrifice.i'll be back i want to crush more cars.
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l situation. taliban is claiming responsibility for the assassination of afghan president karzai's half brothe brother. a powerful and
9:41 pm
controversial leader was shot to death at his heavily guarded home in kandahar. as mike reports, his death could have major implication is. >> he was one of the most influential men in afghanistan. he was president of kandahar provincial council and of course half brother to the president of afghanistan and that gave him additional power. people in kandahar said you couldn't get anything done without going through him. his brother the president of afghanistan said his death is a reflection of the suffering of the afghan people. but l he was plagued by allegations throughout his political career that he was corrupt. and that he was also involved in the drug trade. these are allegations he denied. but those allegations floating out there serve to undermine u.s. and nato effort to create a stable government in afghanistan. and it also comes at a very bad time as the u.s.
9:42 pm
tries to draw back soldiers from afghanistan. highlighting the success they have had militarily in kandahar and in helman professor since. his death shows instability still exist ins those areas. this is abc news, afghanistan. it was in afghanistan that one soldier displayed great courage and today president obama annualed his sacrifice. >> we present our nation hig highest milt tear decoration the medal of honor to an extraordinary american soldier. sergeant first class le roy peter. >> the sergeant was severely wounded shot in both legs looking at a live grenade that could hurt his fellow soldiers. john donovan on what he did next. >> above and beyond. that's where le roy peter went in may 2008. afghanistan. seventh
9:43 pm
tour of duty. these pictures from before he found out what he was made of. with the true sign of that today being in the ceremony a certain discomfort at the attention. about. >> to be singled out very humbling. >>reporter: perhaps yes for a kid who used to get in fights and who almost failed in high school but who out there picked up a live enemy grenade to toss it away to save his comrades. it cost him his right hand but he's alive. rare for medal of honor beginners who usually are honored after death. but there's also this. le roy decided he's not done. and when he reen listed he tack the oath with his right hand. his new one. abc news washington. >> president obama said this is the stuff of which heroes are made.  i tell ya, i work a long day, every day.
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>> two bay area dentist made a house call at the san francisco zoo today. the patient grail with a tooth ache. they worked on 30-year-old western low land gorilla that had an abscess tooth. we understand everything went well and the tooth was saved. well lack for harry potter and the deathly hall owe part 2 to not transformer out of the
9:47 pm
box office this weekend. advance sales are huge for the final film of the series. midnight screenings friday are already sold out. don sanchez has a look on the aisle. >>. >> harry potter the boy who lived. come to die. final show down. harry potter versus evil lord. he and challenge, epic conclusion. ultimate ballots of good versus evil. if if it helps if you have read the book or seen the film so you know who is who. some familiar character die. hog wart get torched. there will be some revelation. there's nostalgia. character from the past show up either in his memory or back for one last blow out. >> you kept hill alive so that he can die at the proper
9:48 pm
moment. >> bring him to me. >>reporter: harry searches destroying this tl and get rid of them and he's ripe for the taking. >> find him. first, big battle is the pay off. this ace series that really goes out with a bang. >> i think this film is satisfying. those who read the book and audience who came to seat film. visually impressive and literate. well written. team with issues like over coming fear and adversity and how we change as we mature. i was going back through my notes when i saw the first film 10 years wagon a young crowd who hung on every word and it was the same this time. cheers. and tears during the screening. i think my only problem was the 3d. i found it somewhat murky for that reason i give it less than a full bucket. i'm don sanchez 7 news we'll see you on the aisle. >> indeed. special effects and
9:49 pm
great graphic. go back to spencer with the forecast. >> if i had trawl special affect i could make it warmer. look at the water vapor satellite image showing a sharp l dip in the jet stream with cool pat he were continues through the remainder of the beek. forecast animation starting 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. extensive low clouds l over tonight and burn back to the coast line by midday. lacking at high pressure along the coast and 50's and mid upper 50's. 60's around the bay. low to mid 70's in the mild inland location and sampling of high tomorrow. 73 at santa rosa. 72 at nap a.71 at concord. 70 livermore. 70 san jose. 60's remainder inland area and the bay and 60 in san francisco. down near monterey bay look for high 60's in the bay and near the bay and 70's mid 70's inland. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. start to warm-up a little bit on sunday. we see inland hay back in the low 80's. upper 80's inland by monday and low 90's by tuesday so the change
9:50 pm
will come rather sharply for 3 day period. >> thanks spencer very much. >> well on the same day that hundreds gather to mourn a man who fell to his death trying 0grab a foul ball at texas rangers baseball game, another fan nearly did the same thing. these pictures show keith car michael at last tonight home run derby. standing on top a metal table he leaned over to catch a home run ball. look at this. he lost his balance falling head first over the railing. one friend grabbed his leg another grabbed his arm keeping him from plunging 20 feet to a concrete pool deck l below. that would have been catastrophic. oh. makes you sick to lack at the pictures. >> i have to say. i looked at the video a number of times there. i don't know what their intent was. he was nowhere near the ball in that situatio situation. it almost looked like they had this thing set up. >> really. >> because they all were holding on to him. i don't know what the intent was. >> reaction was so. >> they were it was it looked
9:51 pm
it lacked like it was set up to get some attention. i don't know. by could be totally wrong but the ball was a mile away. no reason for him to do that. >> nobody was hurt. move on. >> giants make impact at the all star game. sandoval and wilson both get game time would it be enough to catch home field advantage in the world series? field advantage in the world series? sports is next
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
>> coming up at 11:00. fan gets more thant( she hoped for t ashore line amphitheater
9:54 pm
concert y.she is suing the band and the venue tonight. >> and new evidence of thousands of security breaches at u.s. airport. those stories and more in 1 hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but larry here with all the sports as always. all star game tonight. >> midsummer classic. ñi giants can get back to the world series as they did last year they will have home field advantage thanks to a little help from pablo and brian. national league won the all star game tonight in arizona. we start the highlights with brian wilson assisting with the starting line up. >> our line up pretty filthy. phenomenal hitter switch hitte hitter. talk of him coming over to the giants more than well co-come on over. guy is salute thief. atlanta you need to sign him to long-term deal just saying. >> just saying. manager bruce protecting his pitching staff neither mat or ryan or tim threw a pitch tonight. gonzalez did and we'll get to
9:55 pm
him later. in the 4th inning. first hit of the game out of here in a hurry. gonzalez runner-up home run derby. bottom 4 2 on. deep to left off wilson. skid off the top of the wall. and that is gone. national league takes a lead and that's managing right there. in the seventh pablo sandoval only bat of the game makes it count. opposite field ground rule double. sandoval giving the nl a little breathing room at 4-1. how about a reliever entering the game in the eighth. full on sprint and he slide. that's not recommended when you are 240 pound. bottom 8. only batter bruce struck him outloo outlooking. bring on wilson and the beard to close it out and 2 runners in the 9th gets michael to fly out then p.m. ground out. 5-1 the final. national league won it and home field advantage in the world series for the second straight year. >> it really beneficial to have
9:56 pm
the first 2 home games in front of your home crowd. to really get going in the series. >> third all star game does it ever get old. >> no it doesn't. i must say you have aimmaculate hair rate now good. shot of that. >> eric does have great hair. no doubt about it. about in come back for that. if you ever watch tim and wondered could i get a hit off him? no. but now there's technology that allows to you test your hitting skills. it's called pro batter. >> hit away in redwood city. california baseball farm club facility. i understood you will find the pro batter training simulator. >> pro batter is a training tool pitching machine but video simulated pitching shichbility it combine computer and video technology to recreate the experience of facing live pitching in a closed environment. fichlt game conditions where you can see the pitcher in his wind up. you can time the pitcher. also gives you advance level 8
9:57 pm
different pitches that you can hit off of. >> pro batter has 3 component. pitching machine. pro psychiatrictor and this control pad that programs it. we start at the high school level. >> i can pick listened or right hand pitcher. go right-handed. and justin. and now what the computer does is it has set the types of pitches that are typical for that able level. rate now set for fast ball. throwing from a wind up. throwing at 80 miles per hour fast ball. >> once programmed you can set how many pitches you want and fire away. shane is a former college player who still has dreams of playing in the big league. he's an instructor and said this ace great training tool for all levels. >> parents come in and say my kid goes in the game and he can't time the batter right and get him in there and get him in the pro batter and see a lot of success with that. >>reporter: the facility has t-ball. softball and set up for softball and cricket.
9:58 pm
helmet required for your safety and everyone signs a waiver to participate. it's mem membership only but open to everyone including yours truly. >> something easy to start. if they won't know at home i'm in for also league. i can't hate 12-year-old l. there it is. thank you. thank you. thank you. l that was out of here. you couldn't that he will was a home run. try and hit a curve ball here. him if total him if miss. fuchl now you see why i play football. reporting in redwood city, abc 7 sports. >> l tomorrow night if he tries t-ball. stage 10. tour de france came down to sprint between 2 old team mates. so many wreck in this year tour lamb bad one in the break away
9:59 pm
pack today. look slipping the gear but both men stayed up right there. 98 miles. here's the sprint. andre evenlying mark l. how close was it? the tl that close. pl first win ever. thomas retains the yellow jersey for second day. a lot of wreck. >> bad ones. very bad ones. by the way u.s. winning soccer team back in action tomorrow against france early tomorrow morning. >> thanks larry. >> that's this edition of 7 news night team. this is it for all of us thanks for the time. hope to see you again in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over time. hope to see you again in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. goodbye for now.

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